Cardington Studios

Located approximately 55 miles from Central London, or 45 minutes from the M25.

Cardington Studios
Hangar 2
Cardington Airfield
MK42 0TF

Tel: +44 (0) 1234 780100


Main hangar interior measures approximately 200,000 sq ft

The hangar is 180ft to the top of the roof pitch, 131 ft to the underside of the eaves, making a total floor area of approximately 5 acres


Backlot/exterior space is approximately 15 acres

Production offices, workshops, art department and greenrooms suitable for large-scale productions

Unit Base, tech parking and private parking

Recent Credits

Dumbo (Disney)

Pan (Warner Bros.)

The Dark Knight Rises (Warner Bros.)

Inception (Warner Bros.)

The Dark Knight (Warner Bros.)

Batman Begins (Warner Bros.)