Invitation to Tender: Visa Research

Tuesday February 23 2021

Since the post-Brexit transition period ended on 31 December 2020, UK cast and crew have ceased to hold EU/EEA status and are henceforth categorised as ‘Third Country’.

This means UK personnel may require additional authorisations, like visas and work permits, to work on feature film and HETV productions in EU/EEA jurisdictions.

There is no single source of information about such requirements as they apply to UK personnel. The BFC plans to remedy this by commissioning a fact-finding exercise to establish the scope and nature of post-Brexit requirements for visa and work permits. This proposed research is focused on helping to ensure the UK can continue working with our EU/EEA partners as closely as possible in future.

Download the Invitation to Tender document below:

Invitation to Tender: Visa Research

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