Industry Update from the British Film Commission 

Thursday April 16 2020

The British Film Commission (BFC) is very aware of the significant impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic on the global film and TV industry, including in the UK and the US. While the situation is still evolving, we wanted to let you know what the BFC, along with our industry partners, is doing to help support individuals and business during this unprecedented and unsettling time. 

On the ground support in the UK and the US 

Our two expert teams – Samantha, Sonya, Abee and Gareth in the UK and Kattie, Sorrel and Rebecca in the US – are still working, albeit remotely, and remain on hand to provide guidance and advice. You can reach the teams at: 

UK Office: 

US Office:     

Ensuring the interests of our industry are represented 

As the UK Government refines its policies to support businesses, employees and the self-employed during this time, the BFC remains extremely active in highlighting, and providing evidence of, industry-specific issues, both through our direct relationships with key departments and through our membership of the BFI’s COVID-19 Taskforce. And as we turn our attention progressively to recovery, the BFC is leading on convening working groups covering all areas of the inward investment TV and film industry, from physical production and post & VFX to Legal & Business Affairs. In consultation with sector experts, stakeholders and clients, we will be formulating proposals to feed into Government to ensure that our industry is ready to resume activity as soon as it is safe to do so. 

Key Resources   

General COVID-19 Guidance 

Industry Specific COVID-19 Guidance and Support 

Guidance for Businesses, Employees and the Self-Employed 

Financial Support – UK-Wide 

  Financial Support – Nation/Region Specific 

Mental Health 

Training Support 

General Advice/Guidance – UK Wide 

General Advice/Guidance - Nation/Region Specific 

Posted 16 April 2020 – As the situation progresses, we will continue to update on any significant changes and policies. 

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